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Punching is a technique that is applied in the field of artisanal and industrial textiles, specifically in embroidery. You can define a process of transformation of any design into real embroidery stitches that are then transcribed into a file, sent to the embroidery machine by means of an USB stick or cable, will instruct the same in carrying out the creation of the embroidery.

The "Puncher" with a scanner detects the image, establishes the path, the various types of stitches, the colors, the size of the embroidery and the various commands to be set (trimmer, color changes, stitch length, density, speed, etc.) . Then it outlines the contours of the various elements that make up the design by means of a sequence (called blocks) that takes into account the ways and times of execution of the embroidery machine, optimizing the path as much as possible depending on the type of fabric on which it will be necessary to perform embroidery. Since the final result will be conditioned by multiple factors (draft, fabric, thread, stabilizers, etc.) will be the skill and experience of the "puncher" to determine the optimal result. All that the "puncher" will have inserted or not in its "embroidery program" it will then be reproduced in series on multi-head or single-head embroidery machines with all its merits or defects.



Thermal sublimation or thermal transfer is a technology used by some printers. It exploits a process of color transfer, in these printers the color contained inside the cartridges is in the form of polymer, in the solid state it is heated at high temperatures, it is directly transformed into a gaseous state without passing from the liquid state, sublimating and then spreading towards the support or the contacted surface and then fixing.

In color printing, the different pigments are placed one at a time. The color model used is CMYO (cyan, magenta, yellow, overcoating: cyan, magenta, yellow and covering), which differs from the four-color process (CMYK) for the replacement of black with a protective layer. This thin foil protects the print from fading due to exposure to light (which could cause a new sublimation).


Silk-screen printing is a customization used through the engraved frames of the logo or written to be printed on clothing. It produces a process of color transfer with pantone of paint, after the printing process the garment will be put to dry in a special oven at high temperatures. This is why serigarfia will not change over time thanks to this procedure. The paint is filtered directly into the fabric thanks to the printing frames, which permanently improves the image. A frame is required for each color.


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